How to Paint

Painting Your Home

Below are some of our best tips and tricks to painting your home.  Whether it’s a good paint job in Waco, or you want a good paint company in College Station, you can use the below tips for you or your professional.

Painting Tips and Tricks

  • When you want to use spray paint, it’s a good idea to do it inside of a cardboard box.  This will limit any overspray as well as protect it from the wind and dirt.
  • Some people have used other protective devices, such as an old sheet or dropcloth.  You can set it up like a tent.
  • When you go to paint an old piece of wood, be sure to fill any holes with wood filler and then sand to a fine finish.
  • When you paint on furniture with a roller, be sure to paint in a single direction as that will keep roller marks from appearing.
  • Another trick when painting a dirty surface is to de-grease it first.  There are several chemicals that can do this, but we recommend a degreaser cleaner, like fast orange
  • Another trick (we haven’t used this) is to take a brown paper bag and then run it over any dry painted surface that feels rough.  It is much softer than sandpaper and won’t leave scratch marks.
  • You can purchase a container for leftover paint, like a rubbermaid paint buddy.  Or, just use a small tupperware container.
  • Take a nail and punch small holes in the rim of the can.  It will still seal properly, but all the paint will drip back into the container and not make a mess.
  • On really uneven walls or old cabinets and wood, you can use self-leveling paint.  Or you can use oil-based paint, which is kind of the same thing.
  • On old paint, you need to figure out whether it is latex or oil-based paint.  So, you need to test it.  Here is how you do it.  Get your self a cotton ball and then soak it in rubbing alcohol.  Then, rub that over the surface of the paint.  If the paint comes off on the cotton ball, then the paint is latex paint.
  • Oil-based paint must be painted on with other oil-based paint.
  • If you want to paint over oil-based paint with latex, you will have to use an oil-based primer.
  • After you paint, wait two to four hours and then take off the painter’s tape.
  • Tape the painter’s tape off at an angle as that will help you get a cleaner line.
  • If you want to paint stripes, use painter’s tape and then seal the edges of the tape with a very light coat of the original color.
  • For paintbrushes that are gunked up from latex paint, use hot vinegar to soak them in for a half hour.  It works great to clean them.
  • For uneven baseboards, you can shim them up with small pieces of trim.  Also, use caulking around them to make them look even.
  • When storing paint, be sure to keep the label clear with the paint type (and put a dab of paint on top to remind you the color).
  • Store the can in a dry area and don’t let it freeze.
  • To keep the paint from drying out, use plastic wrap on the top of the can.  Then just put the lid on.
  • Finally, tape some cardboard to the corners of a plastic drop cloth to make it much easier to fold, store and put into the corners of your room.

Painting Conclusion

Take your time and do the job right.  With the above tips, you can easily do the job yourself. If you want to find a good painting company, just go here.